Monday 17th May 2010


I was very, very saddened to hear that Ronnie James Dio passed away yesterday and that no longer will I have the chance to see him walk out on a stage and hear his unique, powerful, distinguished voice singing all those masterpieces of rock he's been involved with.

The few times that I spent in the company of the great man were very privileged times, firstly when I designed the merchandise for Black Sabbath's 1981 'Heaven and Hell Tour' and got to spend time with him and the rest of the band at the venue where they were rehearsing to discuss the various deigns that I'd come up with. It was a successful meeting and then Ronnie invited me to stay and watch them rehearse.

Also when I interviewed him for my Greater London Radio show on the release of his 1990 'Lock Up The Wolves' album and afterwards got to spend time sinking a few pints of ale with him at the pub whist he kept me entertained with some great stories from his life.

Ronnie I salute you, thank you and will dearly miss you.

And my thoughts and condolences go to his lovely wife Wendy, family and many friends.


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