Monday 1st November 2010


So I went to see 'LEMMY - The Movie' and unbelievably, someone has asked me to write a review for it, probably because I've known the miserable olde foooker since 1779 and had a few adventures on the way. By the way Lemmy is one of the few friends that I respect 'n' love and can count on the fingers of my four hands!!!

To put things into context, I must explain that at the moment I'm going through one of my artistic, cough, periods.

Picasso had his Blue and Rose periods. I'm currently in my whiskey period, so the memory of the night I saw the film is vague to say the least, especially as Jamesons whiskey had a promotion in the cinema foyer and were giving away free samples! Haaaaaaargh! A dream come true!!!


I believe it was the premiere of the film and it was at the British Film Institute on the South Bank. I'd only been invited hours before the showing as there was a spare ticket going and I wanted to see if the bit that the directors had filmed of myself at Motorhead's last night of their tour in Wolverhampton last year had made the cut.

Not for egotistical reasons but because the foookers had kept me waiting until gone 1.00 in the morning and by the time that myself, Mrs Krusher and my two guests had hauled our arses back to the car, the foookin car park was locked and we had to cough up serious dosh to stay in some shite hotel, so I wanted to know if the money had been well spent!!! IT HADN'T!!!

However the film does have many large rock names including, Ozzy, Nikki Sixx, Dave Grohl, Lars Oilrig, Cliff Richard telling their 'Lemmy tales' to the camera, which is nice.

Watching in the audience we had members of Girlschool and Thin Lizzy legend Scott Gorham. I was expecting a few more renowned rockers but the number of REAL Motorhead fans made up for their absence.

At this point I must tell you of an incident that happened some years back, when I was invited to dinner with a friend who had been invited by Aerosmith's managers daughter to go for a nose bag. Of food, not cocaine.

Towards the end of the meal when everyone around the table was chatting away I turned to the bloke next to me and asked him what he did for a living. He told me he was a film director, so I politely asked if I would have seen any of his works?

Well he mentioned a few titles that I honestly admitted to never having heard of or seen, so he looks at me curiously and says "Top Gun! Have you seen that??"

I told him of course I'd seen it. Well it turns out this bloke was Tony Scott, 'Top Gun' director and Ridley 'Bladerunner' Scott's brother!

My first question was 'why the fook was Top Gun so shite?' Haaaaaargh!!!

NO it wasn't, it was 'why hasn't Hollywood made a foookin decent rock film?'. a subject that we debated for some considerable time and never came to any satisfactory conclusion apart from Hollywood is CRAP AT MOST THINGS.

Well 'LEMMY' is probably the closest thing to a proper rock film that I've seen. And for that reason alone is worth going to see!

There are of course many moments of Lemmy philosophy to be absorbed as well as a gob dropping look inside his legendary LA flat, where we get to see his wall of Nazi memorabilia and his explanation that he's not a Nazi sympathiser, just a fan of their designs and dress style and if the Italians had been that classy he'd have a wall and wardrobe full of their stuff.

It also has a stunning moment when he's being interviewed in his flat and asked what the most precious thing that he has in it and he replies "my son", whose actually sat next to him and by the look on his face you can see that he's stunned by his Dad's admission.

Magic moment, and an example of how Lemmy has only got better, like a fine wine, over the years.

Look just go and watch the foookin film and take no notice of that Kronenbollocks advert about 'slowing the pace' with Lemmy and Phil doing 'Ace Of Spades' as if they were in a nursing home!!! Haaaaaaaaaargh!!!

'LEMMY the movie' ROCKS HARD! HEAVY!! and ANIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!! 'Nuff said!!!

Krusher, London, Drunk!!!



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