THE BAT – Krusher Print Signed and Numbered Limited Edition

THE BAT Krusher Print

Krusher Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 100

23.4″ x 16.5″ (A2 59.4 x 42cm)
Print + Shipping: UK £83, Europe Zones 1/2/3 £90, Rest Of The World £93
Royal Mail tracked & signed delivery in a sturdy and secure postal tube


This print is inspired by an image Krusher designed for the front cover of the Ozzy Osbourne album Speak Of The Devil, printed at A2 size and in a limited edition of 100 prints.


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As you may already know, in 1982 I designed the cover for Ozzy Osbourne’s double live album “Talk Of Devil” as it was known in the UK and “Speak Of The Devil” in the US. It was the second cover I’d been asked to design for him, but this time I got flown to LA to talk about it and hopefully come up with some rough ideas for it whilst I was there.

No computers back then, I had to use pens, magic markers,  good old fashioned paper and get it all done in a hotel room. The first one I was staying at was the Parc Hotel, Ozzy’s West Hollywood home after splitting from Sabbath, the second was the legendary Sunset Marquis, where I had Slim Jim Phantom from The Stray Cats and Britt Ekland in the room next to me who sounded like they were in the early days of their relationship, which could be very distracting.

Amazingly I got some ideas done and even more amazingly I’ve still got them, and as you can see from the picture these were ideas for the back cover and the bat, the bat on the left at the top is closest to what it would become.

It’s a well know fact that I got screwed royally on this cover, and still do, right now there’s merch being sold using my artwork that I never see a penny from, and when I saw an official t-shirt, one using my runic circle from the back cover along with the bat a few years ago I thought fuck it, let’s do something with it, for copyright reasons I made a few changes.

Firstly I stuck some antlers on the bat and used it as one of my limited edition 2018 Krushtmas cards, followed up in 2019 with a limited edition t-shirt design where the runes read ‘FUCK YOU DON ARDEN’, he was Sharon Osbourne’s father and the bastard who had screwed me on the album cover, and finally in 2022 I decided to do a limited edition print of it, which you can purchase here!

Ozzy Osbourne Speak Of The Devil album cover Krusher
Ozzy Osbourne Talk Of The Devil album cover original bat artworkOzzy Osbourne Talk Of The Devil album cover original roughs

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